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Thaddeus R. Maciag, Esq.


NJ Right to Farm Law,
Farmland Preservation
       Attorney Ted Maciag has represented New Jersey farmers and farm families in matters including Right to Farm Litigation, New Jersey Farm Law, Farmland Preservation, and related financial and real estate matters.
    Ted Maciag has more than 25 years experience as a leader in Open Space Preservation in the State of New Jersey.  As a lawyer and as an elected and appointed government official, Ted Maciag has been recognized by news organizations, environmental leaders, and public officials as one of the pioneers of Open Space Preservation and Farmland Preservation in the State of New Jersey. 
     As a former Mayor, as a Municipal Attorney, and as an Open Space Committee member, Ted Maciag has been at the forefront of efforts that have resulted in the successful financing, closing and preservation of more than 20 farms and other large open space properties, saving more than 4,000 acres in programs including Open Space Preservation, Farmland Preservation, Green Acres, Recreation, Playing Fields, Hiking Trails and Wildlife Preservation areas.  In those efforts, Ted Maciag has helped assemble packages of financing from State, County and Municipal government, as well as private sector funds, public-private partnerships,  and conservation foundation and environmental foundation funding.
        Successful Open Space Preservation usually requires creative public-private partnerships and inter-governmental financing from all levels of government, or municipal shared services agreement. Ted Maciag brings to Open Space Preservation efforts his wide-ranging experience in Federal, State, County and Municipal Government, including serving on Governor Chris Christie's Transition Team, as Special Counsel to the Governor in the Office of the Governor, Hon. Thomas H. Kean, as Washington Staff Chief to a U.S. Congressman, as Special Counsel to the County Board of Freeholders, and as a Mayor, Muncipal Attorney, Planning Board Member, Zoning Board of Adjustment Member, and Open Space Committee member.
RIGHT TO FARM ACT:  Ted Maciag is experienced in the New Jersey Right to Farm Act, and has defended farmers in Court in Right to Farm litigation.
CHAPTER 12 FARM REORGANIZATION, FARM BANKRUPTCY  -- Attorney Ted Maciag has successfully gained United States Bankruptcy Court Approval of Chapter 12 Family Farmer Reorganization cases involving New Jersey farms. including New Jersey Horse Farms and Equestrian farming operations. Call us at 908-704-8800 for a Free CHAPTER 12 FARM REORGANIZATION Bankruptcy Analysis and Consultation. Experienced Chapter 12 Farm Bankruptcy lawyers are hard to find in the State of New Jersey.  Most New Jersey bankruptcy lawyers have never handled a Chapter 12 Farm Bankruptcy and Reorganization case, but Ted Maciag has been successful in gaining Court Approval of Chapter 12 Farm Plans of Reorganization, restructuring debt, modifying mortgages and Stopping Farm Foreclosure. Call us at 908-704-8800 to discuss Chapter 12 Bankruptcy and Chapter 12 Reorganization.