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Ted Maciag


Petition Challenges, Ballot Access, Charter Changes, Voting Rights

(and election controversies involving Primary Election and General Election Campaigns; Condominium Boards, Community Associations, and Non-Profit Organizations) FEDERAL, STATE, COUNTY, and MUNICIPAL Elections and Election Recounts -- representing Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

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        As a leading New Jersey Election Lawyer for more than two decades, Ted Maciag has served as counsel in regulatory and litigation matters, and in Election Law matters to REPUBLICAN, DEMOCRATIC, and INDEPENDENT candidates, campaign committees, and Federal, State, County and Municipal elected officials and election campaigns through the State of New Jersey, including New Jersey statewide campaigns for President of the United States; for Governor of New Jersey; for United States Senate; for United States Congress; and for the New Jersey State Legislature. Experienced in ELECTION RECOUNT LAW and PETITION CHALLENGES, Ted Maciag has represented clients in Election Recounts at the Gubernatorial, Congressional, and Municipal levels. 
       Ted Maciag is an experienced Election Lawyer, who has served as counsel in Federal, State, County and Municipal elections in the Law Division, the N.J. Division of Elections, and the N.J. Office of Administrative Law, and has argued landmark Election Law cases before The Supreme Court of New Jersey and the Appellate Division of New Jersey Superior CourtFor direct web links to Ted Maciag's Election Law court decisions, click on: "Reported Court Decisions" at the let side of this page.
     Ted Maciag brings to his Election Law practice not only his legal and litigation experience in many election campaigns and election law litigation matters, but also his practical political experience as an elected official (he was Mayor of a New Jersey municipality); as a former Municipal Chairman; in the Office of the Governor as a former Special Counsel to the Governor of New Jersey; and as a former Chief of Staff to a United States Congressman.  
      Ted Maciag's wide-ranging experience in Federal, State, County and Local government includes serving three years in senior positions in the Office of the Governor of N.J.; including as Special Counsel for Treasury, Budget & Appropriations and as Director of the Governor's budget Unit; he served two years on Capitol Hill as Chief of Staff (A.A.) to a United States Congressman; as Special Counsel to the Somerset County Board of Freeholders, as Mayor of Montgomery, New Jersey, and presently serves as a Municipal Attorney (click on "Our Attorneys + Staff" for more details).
      Ted Maciag has served as Election Law counsel to Republican, Democratic and Independent candidates in federal, state, county and municipal election campaigns, including appearing before the N.J. Supreme Court, Appellate Division, and Law Division in Election Law litigation. 

       In New Jersey Gubernatorial and U.S. Senate campaigns, Mr. Maciag has served as election law counsel to Kim Guadagno for Governor for the November 2017 General Election; as assistant counsel to Chris Christie for Governor 2009, (and as a Member of the Authorities Committee of the Transition Team of Governor-Elect Chris Christie (Nov. 2009 through Jan. 2010).   He served as statewide election law counsel to Tom Kean Jr. for U.S. Senate (2006); as statewide general counsel and N.J. Supreme Court litigation counsel to Bret Schundler for Governor 2005 and to Bret Schundler for Governor 2001 and as State Co-Chair of Lawyers for Schundler in both 2005 and 2001.  He was served as a statewide election law counsel to Doug Forrester for U.S. Senate (2002), and as a young lawyer served as assistant counsel and Hudson County Lead Recount Attorney to Tom Kean for Governor during New Jersey’s historic 30-day Kean-Florio gubernatorial recount in 1981.

Thaddeus Maciag's published court decisions in Election Law and related public policy issues include:

THE SUPREME COURT OF NEW JERSEY:Lance v. McGreevey, 180 N.J. 590, 853 A.2d 856 (2004);Schundler v. Donovan, Schundler v. Hogan, Forrester v. Donovan183 N.J. 383, 874 A.2d 506 (2005). NEW JERSEY APPELLATE DIVISION:Schundler v. Donovan, Schundler v. Hogan, Forrester v. Donovan,377 N.J.Super. 339, 872 A.2d 1092 (App. Div. 2005).

        Ted Maciag has also served as counsel in election law matters to the N.J. operations of Mitt Romney for President (Romney/Ryan 2012)and John McCain for PResident, and on ballot access issues to Santorum for President and to Fred Thompson for President.  He has represented Mike Ferguson for U.S. Congress, Mike Pappas for U.S. Congress, Dick Zimmer for U.S. Congress, Troy Webster for Governor, Alieta Eck for U.S. Senate, New Jersey State Legislature races, and numerous local election law matters for County and Municipal candidates, Municipal Charter Change groups, Political Committees throughout New Jersey, and to community boards, condominium associations, and non-profit associations, including election law in the trial courts, the appellate courts, and the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Ted Maciag has appeared before County Boards of Election, and has appeared in Court at the N.J. Supreme Court, Appellate Division and Law Division levels in candidate and political committee representation, and Election Law Litigation cases, including Election Recounts, Petition Challenges, Ballot Access, Municipal Charter Change, and Election Recounts, in Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Union, Hudson,  Somerset, Hunterdon, Warren, Morris, Mercer, Middlesex, Union, Camden and Gloucester counties. Mr. Maciag has also represented clients in N.J. Superior Court Election Litigation and Election controversies involving Condominium Boards, Condominium Associations, Community Associations, and Non-Profit associations and organizations.   (For more information about the knowledge and experience we can offer in government-related legal matters, click on "Our Attorneys + Staff" at the left side of this page) .