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Thaddeus R. Maciag, Esq.


        Thaddeus R. Maciag Esq. has represented 14 Condominium & Co-op Homeowner Associations in a wide variety of legal matters.  Ted Maciag has experience in routine Association legal and business matters (by-laws, finances, condominium management issues and disputes) and in Court Litigation cases involving both Commercial Condominium Associations and Residential Condominium Associations. He has also personally served as a Board Member and Treasurer of a Condominium Homeowners Association.  
       Ted Maciag has also represented Condominium Associations in more complex areas, including:
        (1)  Appearing in State and Federal Courts on condominium litigation matters including both Commercial Condominiums and Residential Condominium Associations;
        (2)  Preparing more than ten Condominium Public Offering Statements, Master Deeds, and By-Laws, and successfully gaining approvals of Condominium registrations  through the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs;
        (3) Representing clients in N.J. Superior Court in Condominium Association Election Law Litigation, regarding contested homeowner association elections.
        (4)   Representing Condominium Associations and  Co-op Associations in succcessful Financial Turnarounds, including Chapter 11 Reorganizations, Tax Appeals, etc.